X10 Home Automation

Firecracker Overview
The "Firecracker" is a computer interface to a radio controlled X10 Home Automation system. This interface uses the computer's Serial IO Port to send and receive signals.

To use this device, simply plug it into your computer's Serial IO Port and install the software module to communicate with this device. Signals generated by the computer are transmitted by radio frequency to a receiver unit plugged into an outlet. This also serves to provide the signal to other power line controled devices.

With this device, you can control up to 256 different lights and appliances.

How it Works
The X10 Transceiver receives Radio Frequency signals from either the Firecracker or from a hand-held remote. This data is transmited over the existing electrical wires in your house. Other X10 modules will receive this data off from the power lines and turn the lights and devices on or off, or adjust their brightness.

How to Use with e-Speaking
Download the "command line" Software application to send commands to the Firecracker unit connected to your Serial Port. Then enter commands to utilize that software. For example:

Voice Command Phrase: "Lights On"
Type: Program
Action: c:\Program Files\e-Speaking\ahcmd.exe, "sendrf" "a1 on"

Voice Command Phrase: "Lights Off"
Type: Program
Action: c:\Program Files\e-Speaking\ahcmd.exe, "sendrf" "a1 off"

Where to get it?

Web resources from Voice-Commands.com