Working with Applications
the File-Path

Computer programs that run on your desktop are stored in files on your computer. To start a program, all you need to do is tell the computer to run the specific file. Because the locations of the files may be difficult to understand, Windows was developed to give you access to the programs through graphic icons that appear on your desktop and in various lists and menus.

Click on the "Start" button at the lower left of your screen. You may then see an option on the menu called "Run...". You can click on "Run..." if you see it. Then type "excel" and press ENTER. This will start Microsoft Excel.

The "File Path" of Excel may be: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE\excel.exe"

Sample Screen Shot of a "Properties" pop-up box.

You may have to type the file path into the action box to get the application to start on a voice command. If you want to find the "File Path" for any program, Right-Click on it's icon then choose the "Properties" option from the menu . Windows should then show you a pop-up box like the one on the right. Look for the "Target" box contained around the middle of the window.

It is not necessary to enter the quotes when entering the a file path of a file into the action box on e-Speaking.