Confirm Before Executing

Status: Confirm

This option will cause the e-Speaking program to prompt you to confirm the voice command before it will perform (execute) it. The confirmation will be made verbally and will require you to respond verbally. The responses that will be accepted must have actions associated with them that are either 'y', 'n', or '{Esc}'. For the built-in commands, a verbal response of "Yes", "No", or "Cancel" would work. If you have activated the software to add new commands, you can create your own custom responses to the confirmation requested. Just make sure that the custom response you create also uses either 'y', 'n', or the Escape key in the action box.

Confirm Prompt

When you issue a voice command that has the "Confirm Before Executing" box checked, the computer will respond by saying: "Should I ...?" followed by the voice command. For example, if you check the "Confirm Before Executing" box on the "Close Document" command, then the computer will ask: "Should I Close Document?" You could then respond to the computer by saying: "Yes", "No", or "Cancel".

Verbal Confirmation

No keyboard or mouse input will be accepted for the response to the Confirm Prompt. You must use your voice.