Email Sounds

Yeahoo MailExcited to get email
Tom HanksTom Hanks from the move "You've got mail"
Female"You have a new message"
Female"Captain. New email has arrived"
Female"Attention. New email has arrived"
Female"You have a new message"
Female"Excuse me. Check your email."
Female"Wow. New Email."
Female"I have something for you."
Female"I've got e-mail for you."
Female"Incomming message."
Carlin"There's a letter in your mailbox!"
Bugs Bunny"What's this? A letter for me."
Tweety Bird"What's this? A letter for me."
Blue's CluesThe song, "We just got a letter..."
Star Trek"Captain. Incoming message."
Dave Lettermn"Congratulations Skippy. You've got mail."
M*A*S*HRadar says: "Mail Call, sir."
M*A*S*HRadar says: "Mail Call"

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