User's Guide


  1. Commands
    To add, edit, or delete commands

  2. Dialog
    To add, edit, or delete dialog buttons as commands

  3. Options
    Mouse Movement - turns the mouse movement on/off

    Mouse Buttons - turns the mouse buttons on/off

    Phonetic Alphabet - determines if the words for the phonetic alphabet should be recognized. This should be checked only if you wish to use the Phonetic Alphabet.

  4. Speech
    Speech Properties - Access your speech properties control panel to change languages, perform training, change user profiles.

  5. Skins
    Change the appearance of the application
  6. Import
    Import commands for specific applications

  7. About
    About the e-Speaking installed on your system

Built-in Commands

  1. Cutting, Pasting, Inserting

  2. Working with Applications

  3. Working with Documents

  4. Working the Web Browser

  5. Dictation

  6. Mouse Clicking and Double Clicking

  7. Moving the Text Cursor

  8. Keyboard Shortcuts

  9. Moving the Mouse

  10. Phonetic Alphabet

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