Speak in a clear voice and pronounce each word. Voice and Speech Recognition Software is not perfect and may make mistakes in the translation of your voice.

Some examples of mistakes in dictation are shown in the table below. Note how the different phrases have similar phonemes and syllables.
Intended WordPhrase the Computer
Thought You Said
new assignmentknew as I meant
compoundcome pound
forgottenfor top ten

When dictating, try to speak in continuous phrases and sentences.

In addition to having proper computer equipment, you also need to speak with a "proper" voice. The computer is analyzing the sounds that it hears. So, it is important that you speak clearly. Good pronunciation will lead to a good transcription of your speech.

Speaking clearly may take practice. You should try to speek a few paragraphs from a newspaper or a book. Try to speak as if you were a newscaster. As you practice on your pronounciation and try to enunciate each word, you will notice that the accuracy improves.

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