When done, say:

If you have activated the software, you can change what the computer says in response to your commands. One of the nice things about the software is that it allows you to have conversations with your computer--although limited conversations.

After the voice command has been executed, you could have the computer tell you verbally that it has performed that voice command. For example, after going to the Google website, you could have the computer say: "what should I find".

The "When done, say" box at the lower right of the program allows you to enter a verbal response that you would like the computer to make after it has performed the voice command. What you type is what the computer will say.

For example, after executing the voice command for saving a file "File Save", you could have the computer respond by saying: "Saved" to let you know that it performed the task. Or, after deleting a line, have the computer say: "Ok" to let you know it is ready for the next instruction.

This simple voice response brings a level of interactivity that is possible with e-Speaking.