Configure the Sounds Your System Makes

Have you heard the musical sound that the computer plays when it is starting the Windows system? This is a "Sound" that is played during the starting the Windows System "Event". There are a few dozen different events that have sounds associated with them.

Sound EventPlayed When ....
Mail BeepWhen you receive email(Examples)
Program ErrorWhen there is an error(Examples)
MaximizeWhen you maximize a window
MinimizeWhen you minimize a window
Restore UpWhen you restore a window larger
Restore DownWhen you restore a window smaller
Menu CommandWhen you select a program/option on a menu
Menu PopupWhen you look through program menus/option menu
Open ProgramWhen you open a program
Close ProgramWhen you close a program
Ring InWith a program that uses the ringing options
Ring OutWith a program that uses the ringing options
AsteriskWhen a popup alert box is shown
System DefaultUsed by programs that need a generic beep or ding
ExclamationWhen you do something that is not supported
Windows StartWhen you start Windows
Windows ExitWhen you exit Windows
Critical StopWhen there is an error
QuestionWhen a program ask you a question prompt
Empty Recycle BinWhen you empty the recycle bin

Your computer can tell you when you get an email message. Not just a Beep. But a real voice speaking to you.

Event Sounds Editor

This software utility program from e-Speaking allows you to manage the sounds made by different system events.
You can change these sounds to existing WAV sound files or to create your own WAV sound files based on Text-To-Speech output. This program is free.

Go to the Event Sound Editor download page

Sound Properties Dialog on the Control Panel

Go to the Start button, then Control Panel. Now click on the Sounds, Speech, and Audio Devices link (shown below).

You can change your sound scheme or create one of your own. Select the "Sounds" tab in order to make changes to your sounds.

The different events that can result in a sound are shown. If you see a little speaker by the name of an event, select that event then click the "Preview " or "Play" button to hear it.

Changing these sounds is very easy. If you have installed version 3.5.10 or later of e-Speaking, there is a sounds directory created in your e-Speaking folder. It is probably at: c:\Program Files\e-Speaking\Sounds\

Some of the sounds there include:

Change the Sound

To make a change to the sound for an event, select the event in the Sounds Dialog box, then click on "Browse". This will open a file-search dialog allowing you to locate the file. Select the C: drive and look in your "Program Files" folder for the e-Speaking program folder. Then open the Sounds folder (like below).

Now just select the sound you want for that event and press the Ok and Apply buttons.

Suggested Sounds

There are several sound events in your system and a number of sound files. I would recommend using the following:

EventSound File
Critical StopSorry.wav
New Mail NotificationNewMessagesHaveArrived.wav
Print CompleteDocumentHasBeenPrinted.wav
Program ErrorNoWay.wav

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