Reading Documents Out Loud

To enter the Document Reading mode, simply say: Read All Text.
When you are done, say: Stop Reading.

Reading Commands

The corresponding dictation commands are:

Read All Text
Read Selected Text
Stop Reading
Pause Reading
Resume Reading
Skip Ahead
Skip Back
Read Faster
Read Slower

Changing the Voice

SAPI comes with several free voices from Microsoft. Other voices (from NeoSpeech) may be purchased and installed separately.

Help. The computer is just saying "bla bla bla".

You need to select a default voice for speech. To select the voice, open the Speech tab in e-Speaking and press the Speech Properties button. Click on the Text-To-Speech tab and look at the Voice Selection box. Change the selected voice to Microsoft Mary and press the Apply button. If you have downloaded another voice to your computer, you may select that voice from the list. The "bla bla bla" voice is the Sample TTS voice.

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