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Voice Recognition in Movies and SciFi

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)HAL 9000 Computer Humans are seen by HAL as a lower form of life. Humans are bored (playing games), need artificial sun, and have to be virtually frozen to get around (suspended animation). Humans are at the end of their evolution. But HAL makes a mistake in predicting the failure of an antenna. The humans decide that HAL should be truned off. HAL disagrees with this idea and plots to terminate the humans. One lone surviving crew member manages to terminate HAL using a "screw driver" (one of the earliest tools created by man).

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (1977)R2D2 and C3PO R2D2 was not able to speak in English (just blips and beeps), but could understand spoken instructions. C3PO was designed as a translator/communicator. The two robots form a kind of comic routine like a bickering Laurel and Hardy with with one suffering the majority of misfortunes.

Westworld (1973)GunslingerAn android designed for the entertainment of guests ends up killing them instead. His speech is characteristic of a western gun fighter.

Star Trek (1966)Ships ComputerThe computer always seemed to be able to identify who was speaking and to distinguish between voice commands and conversations between crew members.

I, Robot (2004)VIKI and SonnyVIKI - the sinister mainframe intent on believing that humans are flawed creatures (a virus of this Earth).
Sonny - the likeable android that is imune from VIKI's control and who works to save mankind.

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